From a struggling 12-seat diner inherited from his father-in-law in 1927, Joe Gilbert built himself a Kansas City restaurant empire. But the Dean, as they call him, was more than a restaurateur. To the thousands who worked for him, he was a mentor. To our city's thriving restaurant community, he was a leader. To each and every regular, he was a friend. In a city full of culinary icons, he was a bona fide legend. And he showed all of us just what hospitality and fine dining meant.


"I THINK HE HAD 100,000



All the way into his eighties, Mr. Joe this snappily-dressed silver fox kept growing his empire, reaching 48 restaurants. And even still, he never forgot a cook's name or neglected to tend to the tiniest details. At J.Gilbert's, it is this genuine care for people and legendary love of hospitality that inspires us today. And for all of that, we fondly refer to him as "The Dean."




Managing Partner


Originally from Southern California, Dan moved to Columbus after getting married in 2003. He began working at J Gilbert’s in 2004 as Executive Chef and was promoted to General Manager in 2009. This opportunity has given him the ability to make a difference by delivering great food, ambiance, amazing service and a positive, rewarding staff experience. Still a Chef at heart, Dan enjoys cooking, learning about food and spending time with his family and three dogs.

Executive Chef


Victor began his career at Houlihan’s in 1997 in Columbus where he excelled as line cook and eventually Kitchen Manager. In 2004, he started at J. Gilbert’s as a Sauté Cook and soon became Sous Chef. In 2011, Victor was promoted to Executive Chef. He continues to grow and learn, and is proud of his ability to make a difference at J. Gilbert’s by providing good food as well as a great guest and staff experience. When not in the kitchen, Victor enjoys family time and community involvement.


Career opportunities

Anywhere there are people who have made a career out of serving up great dining experiences, people know Mr. Joe. And whether they worked in his place when they were just getting started or shook hands at the weekly Rotary Club meeting after making it big, we can guarantee their memories are fond. Because more than the restaurant business, more than the food, more than the happy hours ‐ Joe just loved people. And people always returned the favor.
 It’s more than a job at J. Gilbert’s … it’s a family. That’s why we’re honored to accept a 2019 Best Practices Award for workplace excellence. Thanks to all our valued team members who made it happen and who make a difference every day.
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